Planon Support team weekend 



Planon Support had another fantastic and sunny team weekend this year. With the whole team we left to Zelhem on Friday evening. After some beers and snacks we were served a delicious spaghetti (with enough garlic), after that there was also a fresh apple strudel for dessert. A few hours of games and a lot of laughter later it was time to spend our first night in real teepee tents.


Saturday morning everyone was awake early and after breakfast with delicious eggs and instant coffee (which unfortunately could not fully meet the quality requirements of some team members) we were ready for day 2. First some swimming or volleyball and then to Doetinchem for lunch. After lunch there was a GPS mission with 3 teams competing against each other to set the fastest time.


Once back at our teepees it was time to have a snack to prepare us for the traditional Support-BBQ. To warm up our taste buds some South African sausage was prepared, but after that it was really time to pamper the inner man. Tournedos, hamburgers, BBQ sausage, chicken breast fillet, mergueze sausage, chicken satays, turkey tenderloin... all prepared by 2 real BBQ specialists, and rinsed with the necessary ‘Hertog Jan’ for the beer lovers.


With an evening sun and temperatures still above 20 degrees Celsius it was time for a chat, a game of animals imitations, a lot of laughter and a pub quiz (with a piece of cake included).


The second night in teepees was short, but after another hearty breakfast with this time real coffee, which we had bought quickly in between to avoid a morning mood, everyone was ready for the trip back home. Tired but satisfied, everyone returned home without any additional injuries.




Would you also like to enjoy a wonderful weekend next year with this cozy team, including an annual BBQ? Take a look at our vacancy!


(The most beautiful Christmas decorations, European Championship football decorations, spring roll moments, other candy treats and great colleagues are included for free).