Dale Carnegie Training



Employees (Planon North America) with specific roles such as sales, account management and a couple of our services members were invited to participate in this training pilot. The day began with each trainee being tasked with describing a hypothetical future presentation as well as the “ideal reaction” by the audience listening. The ideal reactions included thoughts such as wanting the audience to feel engaged and excited. This assignment served as motivation for the trainees throughout the course of the day.


Each trainee gave four different presentations throughout the day, all of which were videotaped. As each trainee gave his/her presentation, the remaining colleagues kept a list of positive aspects of the presenter’s delivery and overall presentation. The focus of the presentations and feedback was on the delivery rather than the content. After giving each presentation and receiving the feedback, each trainee exited the room to watch the video with one of the two trainers. The trainee was tasked with speaking in third person about his/her presentation to evaluate areas of improvement and of course, praise on areas of strength. Over the course of the day, each presentation got more complex.


Along with how to deliver a presentation, the trainers discussed strategies for organizing content as well as the best “openers” of a presentation. The long day of presenting and hard work truly paid off when the trainees compared the first presentation clip to the fourth and final presentation clip. The results and progress were remarkable.


At the end of the day, each trainee was given a certificate of completion, a copy of the popular book “How to Win Friends & Influence People” and a USB of the four presentations. The trainers also distributed their business cards and offered their resources for future presentations. The trainees provided excellent feedback in an anonymous survey. This may certainly be a program that we wish to extent to the rest of our Planon family. We look forward to seeing you continue to give excellent presentations in the future.


Great work, team!