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Innovative thought leader

As a member of the Planon team, you will be surrounded by colleagues with a vision on the future of our domain, who are recognized for their knowledge and love to create the newest solutions for our customers, supported by the latest technology. With over 30 years of experience, we have a large impact on the ongoing development and professionalization of the IWMS and CAFM domains. We have many acclaimed experts among our employees, which is underlined by the fact that we are invited to speak at events around the world and some of our experts are even board members of the international foundations in our areas of expertise, like IFMA and CoreNet.


A passion for a varied expertise and a love for innovation creates an atmosphere of continuous improvement and growth within yourself, your team and the organization as a whole.


There is a plethora of creative ideas throughout our organization, but never enough time to bring them all into reality. Would you be able to pick out the ideas that genuinely add value for our customers? 

Professional and personal growth

An eagerness to grow and the ambition to do better every day form the cornerstone of the success of Planon. Within Planon, you are the manager of your own career. Our people show self-leadership and impact their personal growth by using the range of support and tools that we offer. Our own Planon Academy facilitates the development of skills and knowledge and our HR advisors are available for personal career coaching.


Due to the wide variety of disciplines and teams, we have plenty of opportunity to create your own career path within Planon.


Continuous personal and organizational development is key to us. Based on the philosophy that in a rapidly changing international environment, if you stop developing yourself, you will have an uphill task staying successful in your job and dealing with the competition. Choose your position based on your passion and talents and become better at it every day and you will always find yourself in an exciting job that is right for you.


Planon is the place to be if you want to challenge yourself to grow, learn fast and adapt even more quickly.


One of our colleagues described it in a beautiful way: “Planon is a place where I grow, where we grow.”

Exciting playing field

Do you want to impact the way people work at the world’s leading companies? At Planon this is our day-to-day job. Every day millions of users all over the world work with solutions developed by our experts. Challenging projects at customers like Unilever, Shell, Bayer, Air France, Siemens and many others will offer you great stories to tell at birthday parties.


And whether you want an international career traveling around the globe or you prefer to stay closer to home, our customer base offers challenging opportunities for everyone. Choose whatever fits at a specific moment in your career and personal life.


Working with colleagues in Asia, Europe and North America with different cultures across all time zones gives an exciting twist to your day-to-day work.

Are you looking for a true multi-national company, large enough to offer you the most exciting challenges and small enough to recognize your personal contributions? At Planon, we are convinced that we can offer you both at the same time.

Boldly explore new frontiers

We love to have new experiences every day and explore new markets and ideas. Not being certain of success does not stop us from trying something new. We strongly believe that outside our comfort zone is where the magic happens.


Are you done with the well-trodden paths and looking for something more extraordinary?




Do you dare to experiment and learn from your mistakes?


At Planon you have the freedom to choose your own approach. Your colleagues are always there to support you. We fail together and we win together.


We stimulate you to step outside your personal comfort zone and explore new ways to improve our daily business. We encourage transparent cross-functional feedback and using best practices of others as this will help you to learn fast in the most effective way.


Imagine what you can experience when you start your career within our team.

Success = Fun

Our continuous growth and good financial results over the recent years, give us a strong and stable foundation for our large investments in the continuous development of our organization and solutions. We are on a sustainable path to stay the greatest CAFM and IWMS provider in the world.


How much fun is it to be part of a successful team? We celebrate our success in many different ways. From sharing the compliments of our customers, to large team events with a personal Planon touch.


Sharing extraordinary experiences ensures you become more than just colleagues. That’s why we see many initiatives among colleagues to also share part of their spare time together in exciting and fun activities.


Would you like to join our next success and celebrate together with us? Become a member of the Planon family and join us on our journey to remain the greatest world leader in real estate and facility management software.

Do you already picture yourself as part of our ambitious Planon team? Check out our vacancies to determine the next step in your career. 
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