Client cases



The client stories below provide insight into how other organizations use Planon’s software to streamline their real estate management and facility management processes. Read case studies on topics such as improving space utilization, standardizing real estate processes, or meeting sustainability goals. Are you ready to get inspired?

Press Release - T. Rowe Price advances its sustainability

PRESS RELEASE | Kelli Costa, Facilities and Services Manager: "T. Rowe Price advances sustainability goals with the help… 

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Press Release - Coventry University

PRESS RELEASE | Joanne Bishop, Estates Information Manager: "Coventry University selects Planon’s IWMS to support its Estates… 

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Case Study - Eindhoven University

Edwin Spanjaards, Manager Staff Services of the Real Estate department: “Substantial utilization improvements and more cross-faculty… 

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Press Release - Radboud University

PRESS RELEASE | Marloes Hermsen, IT Consultant: "Radboud University gains insight into student workplace availability." 

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Press Release - University of Portsmouth

PRESS RELEASE | The University of Portsmouth manages 1.5 million sq ft in Planon. 

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Press Release - Banque de Luxembourg

PRESS RELEASE | Banque de Luxembourg implements a single software solution to centralize multiple business support services. 

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Press Release - Molina Healthcare

“The Planon team provided invaluable support in getting us up and running on time—and within budget—while working with our… 

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Case Study - PGGM

Henk Zoomers, Services Manager: "PGGM implements continuous improvement and practical innovation with Planon Apps." 

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Case Study - ETH Zürich

Walter Iten, Managing Director of the Real Estate department: "ETH Zürich has a decade of benefits from Planon software." 

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