Airsoft 2019 



On Saturday May 18th, 60 colleagues were welcomed enthusiastically by the employees of Critical Hit in Valburg. After everyone received suitable (camouflaged) clothing and gear, we were gathered for the safety briefing. After all the formalities we were divided into two teams and were allowed to go on the field. Team blue battled against team red.


During the walk to the HQ we could already explore the terrain. By the present Marshall the mission was being explained. Using an enigma machine and the right tactics, we had to solve three tasks where it was of course important to stay alive and carry out the tasks as quickly as possible. Of course it was not only important to carry out your own tasks, but also to discover what the opponent's tasks were and to thwart them.


Where in the beginning it was a bit uncomfortable for most people, tactics were quickly discussed and sub-groups were created, each with their own goal.


The sun became more and more visible during the day and the temperature rose. After 2 hours of playing, we enjoyed a delicious lunch, homemade by the organization. While enjoying the delicious lunch and cold drinks, there was a lot of discussion about new tactics and of course experiences were shared with each other.


After lunch everyone was already eager to continue playing. Again we received 3 new challenges to decipher and we played with even more enthusiasm and fanaticism to solve the challenges faster. The red team was the winner of the day.


At the end of the day everyone was sweating and tired, but with a big smile we came off the field and we knew it was a successful day.

Thank you Critical Hit for the great organisation.

We enjoyed it!