Building Connections is focus for future of real estate and facility management as Planon rebrands


10 March 2022 – Planon, the leading global provider of smart sustainable building management software, today announced it has redesigned its brand to reflect its evolving mission to connect buildings, people, and processes in facility and workplace management.

At the centre of the new brand is Planon’s new promise: Building Connections. With this focus, the company will help organisations build a better work experience that fosters a sense of belonging and encourages people back into the workplace.

Unveiling the new brand identity, Planon CEO Pierre Guelen said: ’As we emerge into a post-pandemic world, organisations are seeking new ways to create engaging, healthy, safe, and resilient workplaces, that create social connections and put sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

‘Planon is committed to empowering building users, owners, and service providers with insights that help them connect buildings, people, and processes. By eliminating data silos, our solutions help stakeholders to view all the building insights they need in one place. This allows them to focus on creating engaging working environments that encourage productivity and have a positive impact on the planet.’

The new brand reflects the company’s agile and innovative approach to helping organisations adapt to new, flexible, hybrid working models. Planon is set to support facility and real estate managers as well as service providers to create sustainable, ‘people-centric’ workplaces where employees can work and thrive.

Planon is committed to providing all building stakeholders with the actionable and meaningful insights they need to transform the future of the workplace and build better connections.