Devils Circuit Edition 2018 & Airtel Marathon 2018



3 months, 50 colleagues and 2 challenges I.e., Planon Challenge-Devils Circuit Edition 2018 and Planon Challenge-Airtel Marathon 2018 . The Devils Circuit is one of the toughest obstacle race in India and Airtel Marathon is running a race with different race categories. We divided as groups depending on the area we live and trained in nearby gyms. We know that we not only have to be physically fit but also mentally, so we kept motivating each other in our training sessions.


The 25th and 26th  of August 2018, two perfect days for the Airtel marathon. We were participating in different race categories like 5K, 10k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon. Apart from 5K each other race needs to be finished in a specific time. The hardest part of it was half marathon and full marathon where some of them were almost dusted and twisted their legs but we were strong-minded and continued and finished the race in time. Every one of us achieved the feat and thrilled to have the medal. We really enjoyed and completed the race as a team. 









On the 20th Oct 2018, it was not only Devils Circuit race day, but also hot day and everyone started well with crossing the obstacles. Everyone was encouraging and supporting each other that they can do it. We can see colleagues who were pushing, lifting and cheering for other colleagues to cross a hurdle, some of them meeting and talking for the first time and helping each other, Some of them hurt themselves but determined to cross the obstacles with the inspiration they got from their colleagues.


This really shows the Planon culture of good team spirit and sportsmanship. Most of us ran the 5KM with 15 obstacles. Obstacles like climbing a 14 feet wall, monkey bars and rope climbing were toughest. Obstacles like muddy water and ice water were tricky. Once we crossed the finish line and got the medal, we can see the smiles and sigh of relief in our faces of what we achieved. We were delighted and expressed our joy by shouting, cheering and dancing.  




Hooray! We did it.


Congratulations to team India for conquering Planon Challenge– Devils Circuit Edition 2018 and Airtel marathon 2018.  Looking forward to our next Planon challenge 2019.