Pierre Guelen Nijmegen's Entrepreneur of the Year 2019



We can congratulate our CEO Pierre Guelen! Last Friday Pierre was honoured as Nijmegen's Entrepreneur of the year 2019. We are very proud and this had to be celebrated with all colleagues on Monday. We surprised Pierre with a big applause, of course we received a speech and there was plenty of cake.

Pierre's message; 

Last Friday I received the Nijmegen's Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 award. This is not only for me an honor and recognition, but of course for everyone in the company.  The jury stated it clearly; Planon is a remarkable company where every day 750 people are doing remarkable things. Together we have build this success. Without my brother Fred and many others, we would not have been able to achieve this.  A big thank you to you all!!  And by the way, we only just started…



Newsitem Nijmegen Business;


On 15 November during the eleventh edition of the election of Nijmegen's Entrepreneur of the year, the winner of 2019 was announced. The three nominees were excitedly waiting for the redemptive answer of the jury, where Pierre Guelen of Planon B.V. was finally honored as Nijmegen's Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. With a loud applause he received the coveted trophy, in the small hall of concert hall De Vereeniging.


Jury report 2019

A long list of 36 nominated entrepreneurs from Nijmegen resulted in a short list of eight candidates, which were discussed in detail by the jury. The jury made a selection, visited a number of companies and finally nominated three entrepreneurs. The jury expresses its appreciation to the entrepreneurs who showed during the visit to the jury that they are proud of their companies. They also achieve good results in challenging markets and occupy a clear position. Moreover, they show that Nijmegen is an innovative entrepreneurial city.


Planon B.V.

"Planon is the leading global provider of real estate and facility management software. Their core business is the development of software for management and maintenance of buildings. Pierre started the business 32 years ago from a barn, the first years were not easy, but Planon persevered and since last year has become global market leader. With a continuous flow of innovative ideas and the same enthusiasm as in the early years, an HRM policy to be jealous of, a financially healthy position and a state-of-the art management information system. In all aspects a true winner!

What catches the eye is the modern campus that Planon is building in Nijmegen, a show case workplace of the 21st century: smart, healthy, fun and energy neutral are united in one workplace concept. Also, startups and partners can come to work here and develop their own 'living workplace lab'.

The jury praises the great focus on innovation and the employees. Planon stimulates equality on all levels of the organization and knows how to engage people. The first program engineer still works for the company with lots of pleasure. Planon aims to create a healthy work environment, teambuilding and to facilitate the development of its employees in many ways.


The added value of the company for Nijmegen:

Planon is the living proof that not all global market leaders in software are startup's from Silicon valley. Planon is one of the most innovative companies in Nijmegen that contributes to the image of our city of knowledge. Every week Planon proudly welcomes visitors from all over the world to the oldest city of The Netherlands: rightfully an Old city, young vibe!" 



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For more information, have a look at the (Dutch) video below. 


Video credits: Multibeeld Media Producties