Planon Challenge Nordics - Toughest 2019



September has been a very exciting month for the Planon Nordics, we have had the joy of welcoming two new colleagues, celebrated our one year
anniversary by going on a shellfish cruise and last but not least we did our first Planon challenge.
Six out of seven colleagues participated in this year's obstacle run called Toughest. We trained together one night per week at a nearby smallscale 
obstacle course for eight consecuative weeks. This edition of Toughest took place in Gothenburg at Kviberg and consists of only one distance - 8 KM with 40 obstacles.
There was little to none experience amongst the team regarding these kind of events so on september 28th there was a couple of tense and nervous planon employees grabbing their number tags from the registration booth. However, through team effort and pure will we almost managed to get everyone through, unfortunately one colleague injured himself at the 5KM mark and couldn't continue. 
Now two days after we have sore muscles but all of us are proud and remember the event fondly.
We are already looking forward to next year's challenge!