Strong Viking Water Edition 2018



On the 23th of June it was race day! 120 colleagues from our Nijmegen and Duisburg office started their 2018 Planon Challenge. Just like last year, we participated in the Strong Viking Water Edition. The Strong Viking Water Edition at the Berendonck in Nijmegen is known as the Best Obstacle Run of the Netherlands. Most of us ran the 13KM course with about 35 obstacles and we had two smaller groups who ran the 7KM or 19KM, in combination with a lot of mud and water.


To prepare ourselves, we trained at Speijers Sports for 3 months to do the run and this really paid off. Everyone did great at conquering the obstacles, which were Monkey Bars, Rope Climbs, Half Pipes, Walls, a huge Slide, carrying heavy weights and lots of mud and water.


There was a lot of fun, a good team spirit, we all helped each other to push ourselves to the limit and we all made it to the finish line with a big smile on our face. Congratulations to everyone who has finished this year’s challenge, you are amazing!

We see you in 2019 for our next Planon Challenge.






Feel the vibe and watch our Aftermovie below. 




Are you ready for a challenge? Join us for our next Planon Challenge in 2019.