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14 July 2020 – Planon has renewed its GEFMA (German Facility Management Association) 444 certificate, with its IWMS and CAFM software being successfully certified in all categories - including the two new catalogues ‘Contract Management’ and ‘Workplace Management’.

The GEFMA Guideline 444 ‘Certification of CAFM Software’ was introduced in 2010 and has been regularly expanded ever since. Over time, GEFMA 444 has become a quality standard, and is often a basic requirement for bidders when participating in public and private CAFM tenders.

‘The complete GEFMA 444 recertification reinforces the importance of investing in further development of our CAFM and IWMS solutions. It is a fundamental requirement for maintaining our position as market leader in Germany,’ says Stephan Mau, General Manager EMEA Central. 'The certification serves as a guide to companies for making sustainable purchasing decisions and securing investments.’

To obtain a GEFMA certificate, accreditation in the Basic, Space Management and Maintenance Management catalogues is mandatory. The other catalogues include inventory and cleaning management, room and asset reservation, locking system, relocation and rental management, energy controlling, security and occupational safety, environmental protection management, help and service desk, budget management and cost tracking, BIM data processing and, from this year, workplace management and contract management.