Sinterklaas 2017


This year we had a special visit from Sinterklaas.


On Saturday the 26th of November we organized this Sinterklaas event for all the children of the Planon NL colleagues. On this day Sinterklaas, Theater group Hakoena and all the children had a party with music, lots of fun and of course presents. Our restaurant was filled with 135 children. It was a big party!







On December 5th Sinterklaas also visited  our office in Nijmegen.

Four colleagues (from PlanonAktief) spoiled all the NL colleagues with a personal ‘Chocolate Letter’ and a beautiful poem.   

Because it’s 2017, the ‘big red book’ from Sinterklaas with all the facts about our colleagues, is also in the Cloud! During this visit other colleagues from around the world had a change to meet Sinterklaas via Skype. 


Thank you Sinterklaas and see you next year!