Sinterklaas 2018



Monday December 3th, Planon's colleagues were surprised by Sinterklaas and his pieten. Planon's oldest employee, our Sinterklaas, had a book full of stories about his employees. Sinterklaas was impressed; many new faces this year!

Sinterklaas received many compliments; ‘You are looking good for your age!’ Or is this because our Sinterklaas celebrated his 60th birthday in December?

Also the new board of PlaNonAktief, the 5 pieten, found it a very nice experience.


Everyone was surprised with a delicious personal chocolate letter, a poem and a PlaNonActief travel cup. Of course there was plenty of sweets. We had several colleagues visiting from other Planon offices and they also enjoyed this Dutch tradition.


Sinterklaas also came to Planon for all the children. His birthday was celebrated big, the children received presents and there were several activities. It was a big party!


See you next year!