The World War Run 2018



On Sunday, 24 June 2018, 8 brave souls from Planon UK took part in the World War Run Obstacle Course race. The World War Run is a 10-mile obstacle race that takes us through the toughest (80+) obstacles and a lot of mud!


After 12 weeks of Bootcamp training, we were fully prepared for the event (ha ha!) 

The day of the event was a gorgeous sunny day, and we set off with big smiles and much excitement.

None of us had ever done anything like this before, so it was new territory for all of us.

The course was very muddy and far tougher than we had expected but it was also so much more fun than any of us had expected.


The team work was fantastic – we stuck together, we pushed one another on, pulled one another up, cheered one another along, and all the while we had lots of laughs! We were lucky to have support from many of our families and it was inspiring for the kids to see their parents succeeding at a difficult challenge (and covered in mud).


We all loved it, and are already looking forward to next years’ event!



Do you want to feel the vibe of this amazing, muddy event? Take a look at our 'Planon UK Challenge 2018' video below.


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