Tour the Nijmegen



Sunday, May 12, John Vos, Jos Kaal, Bas de Bruin, Floor de Graaf and Redney Janssen participated in this tour. Together with the Dutch cycling legend Steven Rooks (Silver Medaille at the World Championships Road cycling in 1991) and other business teams, we combined forces and experienced a great day of energy, joy and ”appeltaart”.


Of course, there was also a competition element: who will be the fastest rider at the “Oude Holleweg”. ... And who other than our own Jos Kaal (ex pro cyclist) pushed a really hard pace to be part of the best riders of the day. From all the riders (young, older, pro's, no-pro's) he realized the 13th ranking overall. And from all the company riders he became 2nd! So, if you want to join our team? Jos is definitely the one you should level with ;-)


Believe it or not, but at it’s very first participation Planon won the overall team classification as being the fastest team on the “oude Holleweg”!


At it’s first race ever Planon won this prestigious award! Apart from some training exercises earlier, the "Tour The Nijmegen" was our very first event in Planon outfit.


We will now prepare for the next compelling event "The Dutch National Championships for Company Teams on the 23rd th of June. Will you come and support us that day?




Looking forward to see you (on the bike). Many thanks to Pierre for making this all possible!