Welcome new Planon colleagues!




The summer ended and this month we have welcomed 16 new employees and interns.


Planon is getting bigger and bigger! These new colleagues from Germany, the Netherlands and Austria started the month with our Induction Course. During this week our new colleagues get a lot of information about Planon; which departments do we have, what do we stand for as an organization, who are our customers and of course our CEO Pierre Guelen also gives a presentation.


We are proud to say that we now have an Induction Course every month to welcome all new colleagues of Planon. Would you like to join Planon and be the next participant of our Induction Course? Then respond to one of the challenging vacancies and who knows, we might welcome you at Planon!



New colleagues; Welcome to Planon!

Good luck and of course, we wish you all a lot of fun at Planon.